Gumbo Charm Bracelet


Gumbo Charm Bracelet
Highly Polished Pewter and 4.5 mm Freshwater Pearl  
Measure: 7.25″- 7.5″ Lenght
Handmade in USA, Maurice Milleur Designs


Gumbo Bracelet

High Polished Pewter and 4.5 mm Freshwater Pearl  7.5″ Lenght

A classic Southern fare of fresh seafood (shrimp, crawfish, crab), the trinity (onion,celery, bell pepper), garlic, and okra making a tasty stew that is served over a bed of steamed rice. Gumbo is eaten with a spoon and usually served with crusted French bread and a multi-component salad.

The artisan, Maurice, signs the polished fine pewter designs. His Gumbo Bracelet allows you to fashionably ‘wear your food’ to celebrate this tasty cuisine.  His signature pot & ladle clasp completes the closure.  The pewter designs are hand strung with hematite beads, an ironstone bead selected to represent the old iron kettle that simmered the stew, or  with  white fresh water pearls.    Gumbo is an African word for okra.